Presenting “Interventional Urology”
edited by Art Rastinehad, David Siegel, Peter Pinto and Bradford Wood

Interventional Urology
  • Provides an organ-based approach to imaging, focal therapy and Interventional Urology techniques
  • Contributions from Radiologist, Interventional Radiologist, Radiation Oncologists and Urologist provide a comprehensive approach to patient care with new diagnostic and treatment strategies.
  • Provides insight into the latest clinical applications of image-guided diagnosis and treatment
The Interventional Urology textbook provides a concise yet comprehensive summary of the evolving techniques and current status of interventional urology. The book is organized by organ system with subtopics covering imaging technologies, interventional techniques, and clinical outcomes for the vast variety of interventional urologic procedures. It represents the first single text covering these topics and will help guide patient management and stimulate investigative efforts.

“Editors A.R. Rastinehad, D.N. Siegel, P.A. Pinto and B.J. Wood edited this outstanding textbook with contributions from more than 70 worldwide experts and collated updated information to describe current and forthcoming interventional techniques. … This text book is well-illustrated and represents an excellent tool for all urologists who are looking for in-depth information on this essential topic.” (European Urology Today, Vol. 28 (4), August-September, 2016)

“The development of the field of interventional urology has required collaboration. Urologists, radiologists, interventionalists, and oncologists have to collaborate in non-traditional ways. The classic silo system will not permit optimal success in applying the lessons of this textbook. A breaking of barriers among specialties is required to facilitate the wisdom of these pages being applied to our patients. A quote by Henry Ford sums up the work that was needed to help advance both this text and what it represents: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” I laude the Editors success; past and present as well as anticipate their continued contributions to interventional sciences. “ ( Louis R Kavoussi, MD MBA, Waldbaum-Gardiner Professor and Chairman, Hofstra-North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine)

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