Professor David Cosgrove

Professor David Cosgrove

Date of Birth: May 18th, 1938


BA (Physiology) 1990 MA Oxford
1963 BM BCh London and Oxford
1967 MRCP 1990 FRCP London
1975 MSc in Nuclear Medicine London
1988 FRCR by invitation London

Summary of Posts held

Senior Research Investigator, Imperial College School of Medicine and Consultant in Radiology, Hammersmith Hospital, London
1997-2004 Professor of Clinical Ultrasound, Imperial College School of Medicine and Honorary Consultant in Radiology, Hammersmith Hospital, London
1977-1993 Consultant in Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound, Royal Marsden Hospital, London

My four main themes of academic activity are:

  1. Advancing the clinical role of "radiological" (i.e. non-obstetric) ultrasound;
  2. Furthering understanding of the basic mechanisms of the ultrasound image-forming process and of Doppler;
  3. Applications of microbubble echo-enhancing (“contrast”) agents for ultrasound.
  4. Application of Elastography to clinical diagnosis.

The first is exemplified by several first reports of clinically significant ultrasound findings, e.g. the features of biliary tree dilatation, pneumobilia, hæmangiomas, abdominal tumours of various types, thyroid diseases, fatty changes in the liver, the use of Doppler in breast diagnosis and transit time analysis of microbubbles in tumours.

The second has resulted in a series of reports on the mechanisms of ultrasound appearances (e.g. artefacts, such as transdiaphragmatic echoes) and on exploring novel means to extract hitherto unavailable information from the ultrasound signals. Generally known as “tissue characterisation”, this work has been carried out in close collaboration with the department of Physics at the Institute of Cancer Research, particularly with Dr. Jeff Bamber and his colleagues. These studies have provided insight into the extreme complexity of the interactions between ultrasound and tissue and may yield practical applications (e.g. speckle reduction, induced motion analysis or elastography). Doppler studies have focused on the clinical evaluation and introduction of new techniques such as colour and power Doppler.

The recently introduced echo enhancing (“contrast”) agents have become the major focus of study with the establishment of a research team to investigate this unique opportunity both from fundamental and clinical points of view. Fundamental studies include non-linear imaging and quantification of the change in echogenicity with microbubble concentration leading to functional indices and imaging. Clinical studies include phase III trials with a range of microbubble agents (especially in the liver and in tumours) and functional studies (especially in diffuse and focal liver diseases and in tumours).

Elastography, a recently introduced method of imaging and quantifying tissue stiffness, is undergoing clinical trials and is in early clinical use. I have been instrumental in several early and more recent stages in this process.

Recent Publicatiions

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